Cancelled WoW Account MeltdownCancelled WoW Account MeltdownFunny 593 views

Surprisingly, this tantrum was only half as bad as the one he threw when his stupid parents got him an XBox 360 instead of...

Eva Mendes Banned TV CommercialEva Mendes Banned TV CommercialFunny 929 views

This recent commercial for Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession has been banned by all TV network stations because they feel Ev...

Great-Grandmother Tased by Highway PoliceGreat-Grandmother Tased by Highway PoliceFunny 615 views

Kathryn Winkfein, a great-grandmother from Travis County, Texas, was tased during a routine traffic stop when she resisted...

How To Get Jail Time For A Speeding TicketHow To Get Jail Time For A Speeding TicketFunny 529 views

This guy is pissed off that a cop is giving him a speeding ticket. After arguing with the cop for a minute he decides to ...

Crazy Shower PrankCrazy Shower PrankFunny 551 views

These pranks are starting to get a little out of hand. This guy hooks up a car battery to the towel bar and shocks the he...

Breathing Helium and Getting TazedBreathing Helium and Getting TazedFunny 497 views

Because, deep down, we all really want to shock the crap out of Alvin the Chipmunk.

Don't C-Walk Onto a TreadmillDon't C-Walk Onto a TreadmillFunny 627 views

Needless to say, the C-Walk Cardio Workout never really caught on in the fitness world. Just too many faceplants.

Super Bowl Commercials 2013 vs Puppy Bowl: Who wins?Super Bowl Commercials 2013 vs Puppy Bowl: Who wins?Funny 597 views

The San Francisco 49ers are squaring off against the Baltimore Ravens in 2013ís Super Bowl XLVII. Who will win? Who cares?...

Game Show Dumb LuckGame Show Dumb LuckFunny 1562 views

These are a few older game show clips where the contestants had no clue as to the answer and through dumb luck guessed cor...

Dude Scares Girlfriend On ChristmasDude Scares Girlfriend On ChristmasFunny 1292 views

This kid scares the hell out of his girlfriend on Christmas morning.

Cute Girl and Her Funny LaughCute Girl and Her Funny LaughFunny 1428 views

A good laugh can definitely make a girl cuter. This girl's laugh makes the guys around her wonder whether or not she is on...

Lamebrain Pogo Stunt Ends As ExpectedLamebrain Pogo Stunt Ends As ExpectedFunny 2126 views

Nature continues to do its best to eliminate pogo stickers.

Motocross Biker Lands On Fellow RacerMotocross Biker Lands On Fellow RacerFunny 1289 views

Despite the screaming in the air and crying on the ground neither biker was seriously injured in the accident.

RC Car With Sparkler VS. Hydrogen-Filled BalloonRC Car With Sparkler VS. Hydrogen-Filled BalloonFunny 1256 views

You don't need to know much science to know that this is going to be awesome.

Burglar Gets Robbed Twice During RobberyBurglar Gets Robbed Twice During RobberyFunny 1334 views

Someday he's going to have a huge laugh while looking back at this footage... in court.

Dancing Lingerie Babe Falls HardDancing Lingerie Babe Falls HardFunny 2185 views

Finally, a video of a hot chick going down face first onto her girlfriend's rug that's safe for work.

Nothing More Sad than a Scooter CrashNothing More Sad than a Scooter CrashFunny 1328 views

Drinking and driving is bad, but itís so much lamer on a scooter. And then even lamer when youíre riding on the back.

This is Why You Donít Run at the PoolThis is Why You Donít Run at the PoolFunny 1291 views

Tomorrow we have a video of that kid running through traffic with scissors.

Shirtless Foreign Redneck Does Luggage TricksShirtless Foreign Redneck Does Luggage TricksFunny 1869 views

AKA this exists for some reason and we are happy it does.

Televised Magic Trick Goes Painfully Wrong Televised Magic Trick Goes Painfully Wrong Funny 1271 views

"And for my next trick, I will hold back the tears that want to roll down my cheeks."

Little Girl's Mattress Bounce Gone BadLittle Girl's Mattress Bounce Gone BadFunny 1377 views

This is clearly an accident. You can tell because he didn't preface this with "Playtime's over, kid." (For the r...

Wet T-Shirt Chick Faceplants After Getting Wet DownWet T-Shirt Chick Faceplants After Getting Wet DownFunny 1689 views

... because just competing in the wet t-shirt contest wasn't enough to make her parents proud.

Dumb Ways to Die: Video Game EditionDumb Ways to Die: Video Game EditionFunny 1250 views

Parodies are kind of played out but this video makes a valid point about that pain in the ass woman from Goldeneye.

The Best Slight-Of-Hand You'll See TodayThe Best Slight-Of-Hand You'll See TodayFunny 1342 views

This guy is supposedly an acclaimed magician, but he could also be a hobo. Either way, he's amazing at making objects appe...